Worried about the beach body reveal this summer?

Worried about the beach body reveal this summer?

A recent survey of 1,000 women revealed some very interesting statistics about how we view our bodies – and how we’d like other people to view them, if at all. The key findings include that only six percent of women will feel confident in a bikini this summer and nearly half of all women in the survey claimed that they would avoid wearing a bikini at all. And thhe body part women hate to show off? The stomach area according to 54% of women polled.

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How long will a facelift last?

How long will a facelift last?

The immediate benefits of cosmetic surgery are obvious: a part of the face or body that has been bothering you for ages gets tightened, or reshaped, or corrected, offering an instant transformation. But there’s still one question that prevents certain people from reaping the benefits of a facelift: how long will the effects of a procedure last? And when the effects wear off, will the treated area look worse than it was before?

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What's on your Christmas wish list?

What's on your Christmas wish list?

While we’re all gearing up for Christmas and all the social events that that entails, we’re not too far from thinking about New Year’s resolutions. We’ve all got something about our appearance that we'd like to improve, and the good news is that these days, most things are possible.

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Why male cosmetic surgery is on the rise

Why male cosmetic surgery is on the rise

Cosmetic procedures were once the sole domain of women, but the tide has turned considerably of late. According to figures from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the number of men having cosmetic procedures has tripled over the past twenty years.

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How long will a facelift last?

Having facelift surgery is a daunting procedure for the uninitiated. There’s a consultation period, which will involve you sitting down with someone you don’t know and talking about things you essentially don’t like about yourself, while that person points out what can be done about those self-perceived flaws.

Then there’s the actual procedure itself. Then there’s a period of recovery. Finally, there’s the period of self-adjustment – both for you and the people around you.

Obviously, this isn’t something you want to be doing on a regular basis. But then you look in the newspaper and see that a certain celebrity has had their umpteenth treatment, and start to wonder: if they’ve had their face done and they’re still not happy, how long will it be before I’ll have go through the whole thing again?

For some people, the question ‘how long will a facelift last?’ can be right up there with ‘how long is a piece of string?’ The answer depends on many factors: the type ofprocedure you’ve decided to undergo, the skill of the surgeon you’re paying to undertake that procedure, and – most importantly – your mindset as a client.

The bare-faced truth

Let’s look at the root cause of why people want to undergo a facelift: with a few exceptions, clients usually have them because want to look younger.

Predicting how long the anti-ageing effects of a facelift will last is difficult, mainly because of the myriad treatments available, differences in what clients deem to be a ‘younger appearance’ in the first place, and what the client is prepared to do to maintain their appearance afterwards.

A skin-only facelift (where the facial skin is lifted and tightened above and behind the ears) can give a good result – but the fact that the muscles underneath are left untreated mean that its optimal effect lasts for three to six years on average.

The Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System facelift (better known as a SMAS facelift), which tightens the facial muscles as well as the skin, naturally lasts longer: an estimated five to eight years, on average.

And a deep SMAS facelift will last even longer. However, combine that with volume restoration (with fillers in areas such as the brow, lips and neck) and you’re looking at eight to twelve years on average.

Time marches on

Please be aware that when we talk about the ‘lasting’ abilities of these procedures, we’re not implying that everything will suddenly sag after a certain amount of time: if a facelift makes you look 35 when you’re 43, you’ll still look 43 when you’re 50.

But a facelift can’t throw the ageing process back to your late teens, and if you’re still indulging in the habits that made your skin age a little bit faster before your treatment, the clock is going to start catching up on your face before too long.

Achieve party perfection this festive season

It’s getting close to that time of year again, and you’re primed and ready for it. You’ve put in the time at the gym, you’ve reined in on your diet, and you’re geared up for Party Season.

But you’ve auditioned your wardrobe and found one or two things that are still amiss: an unsightly bit of underarm chub in your on-trend strapless dress, one curve too many in your figure-hugging outfit, or you’re looking for eyes to be directed towards your face instead of your body.

No matter how good you’ve been in the gym or at the dining table this year, we could all do with a finishing touch to help us look our absolute best during the wave of Christmas and New Year dos – and while you have next to no time to undergo a more dramatic procedure, there are plenty of things we can do to help you look the way you want to with minimal (or no) downtime…


Body contouring

If you want to reduce fat in parts of the body that exercise and dieting can’t reach – under the arms, or neck fat, or muffin tops, or anywhere that’s bothering you – this is an absolute boon.

Using ultrasound with radio frequency current, body contouring breaks down fat and tightens the skin at the same time. You’ll need four half-hour sessions to achieve the maximum effect, but there is no downtime and the results come fast. For more information, consult our Treatments page.

Wrinkles and Crow’s Feet

The festive period is supposed to be a time to relax – so why not give your face a chance to do that too? Certain facial wrinkles appear due to repeated muscular activity, such as frowning, smiling and squinting. As we mature, and the natural production of collagen and elastin starts to recede, those lines become permanent.

However, a treatment of Botulinum Toxin can reduce these wrinkles, leaving you with a smooth, line-free countenance for all those festive parties.


If you’re expecting a lot of time under the mistletoe this December, there’s still time to plump up your pout with a timely dermal filler session.

All our cosmetic staff are fully qualified in this practice, and we only use fillers that have been approved by the FDA – and not only is there zero downtime, but the results will last well into the New Year.

Skin Care

If you want to look as fresh as possible this Party Season – or are planning to startthe post-Christmas period on the right foot – we have some very special products that can help.

Obagi skin care systems are some of the most effective anti-ageing and hydrating treatments on the market, geared towards improving the appearance of dark spots, sun damage, wrinkles and other signs of ageing.