Why male cosmetic surgery is on the rise

Cosmetic procedures were once the sole domain of women, but the tide has turned considerably of late. According to figures from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the number of men having cosmetic procedures has tripled over the past twenty years.

Consequently, the UK isn’t far behind: a recent press release from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) announced that cosmetic procedures for men have nearly doubled over the past decade.

While the male/female imbalance in cosmetic procedures is still weighted heavily towards women – men still only account for 9% of all cosmetic surgery operations in the UK – this is starting to change, and it’s clear that for a lot of the male population, getting their appearance seen to has lost a lot of the stigma that was once attached to it.

What are the most popular male cosmetic procedures?

When we break down the stats from last year’s male surgical procedures, we can see a definite trend towards certain parts of the body. Here are the ‘highest climbers’ on the male chart:


The most dramatic rise in male cosmetic procedures can be seen in liposuction, with a staggering 20% rise in bookings over the year. Its long been an established fact that men have been less inclined to beat themselves up over weight gain and failed diets, but perhaps this could indicate a sea change – or at the very least, they’re looking for a head start on a weight loss regime.

Brow lifts

There has been a 15.5% rise in male brow lift procedures, and there could be two reasons for this. Firstly, the eye area is one of the most focussed-upon parts of the face, and one that starts to betray signs of aging early on.

And while a lot of men wear other facial lines well as they age, the droop in the male eye area is seen as unflattering and can make them look tired. The second reason? A raised brow line can visually counter and reduce the look of a receding hairline.

Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty is the second most common male procedure, and it’s getting more popular, with a 15% rise in bookings. It’s popular because it’s a subtle procedure, and it’s a great way of eliminating droopy eyelids and unflattering wrinkles.


There’s no real mystery as to why there’s been a 14% jump in male nose jobs: like women, there are a great many males who feel their nose to too big, or too wide, or too crooked. The difference now is that that the stigma of male cosmetic surgery is becoming a thing of the past.

Face and Necklifts

There’s been a 14% jump in male facelift procedures, and experts are putting this down to the fact that the full-beard look that has dominated the decade is starting to die out – and men who have finally taken the razor to their faces have noticed a dramatic change and one too many chins.

Male Breast Reduction

The 13% jump in procedures of this nature can be put down to many things, not least the trend in male fashion towards the ‘slim fit’ look, and a desire to conform to a trimmer shape that was confined to women in previous years.