A top-down, bottom-up approach – the cosmetic surgery trends of 2017

As another new year begins, the wheel of fashion turns. And not even cosmetic surgery is free of new trends. According to a recent report issued by a cosmetic surgery company that pulled in data from the previous year and cast an eye to the future, the ideal body shape is changing. Here’s what they came up with:

The Brazillian Butt Lift shows no signs of going away

According to one study, requests for buttock augmentation surgery has increased by a whopping 500%. Formerly a trait desired primarily by the South Americans, the influence of a more prominent, fuller, perkier pair of buttocks has extended all over the world – not to mention the fact that as we age, our buttocks tend to sag or even turn asymmetrical.

The Brazilian Butt Lift can amend all those problems by deploying the most natural implant immaterial possible – your own fat deposits, located on other parts of your body. Once extracted, the fat deposits undergo a centrifugal process to eliminate impurities, and then the remaining fat is re-injected into the buttocks.

Breasts are getting smaller

…which means goodbye to the pneumatic look of old, and a desire for a toned, pared-down, natural look up top. Implants are still as popular as ever – they’re just getting smaller. The average size of a breast job in the past was approximately a DD-to-E cup: nowadays, it’s in the C-to-D range.

Why is this? Partly, it’s a reflection of the current trends in body shape, but it’s mainly due to the largest new group of women seeking breast augmentation – women after childbirth, who’d like to return their breasts to their original shape and size.

Walk-in, walk-out treatments are getting more popular

There’s been a huge increase in procedures done under local anaesthetic over the years, and for good reason – partly because clients are more inclined towards natural-looking, minor tweaks than radical changes, and partly because cosmetic surgery technology – and its safety record – has come on in leaps and bounds.


This year's biggest trend: smaller nipples

Again, a shift towards a more natural, less sexual look could be the reason for this. According to a recent survey conducted by a UK clinic, there has been a 30% increase in requests for smaller nipple corrective surgery, with more and more women preferring not to have their body shape stand out – for want of a better word.

In recent surveys, a selection of women were asked to rate the attractiveness of a selection of nipples, and the pictures of women with smaller nipples and areola cane out on top. While nipple reduction surgery is a simple procedure, it’s not for everyone: if you’re planning to breastfeed in the future, it should be avoided.

Stay focused, not on-trend

While it’s always interesting to see which procedures are coming into (and out of) fashion, it’s essential for us to point out that body enhancement surgery is a very private and personal thing that should not be undertaken lightly. Every person who passes through our doors has a different reason for doing so, and the happiest results we see, in the end, have very little to do with fashion. By all means keep tabs on what’s in vogue, but always bear in mind that you are your own best judge.