How to deal with cosmetic surgery concerns

We know that the first experience anyone has with aesthetic surgery is an enormous step, and for good reasons: nobody likes to undergo a surgical procedure, and the idea of choosing to have one can be a strange one to certain people. But for every person who is scared of cosmetic surgery, there are thousands who have benefited from the improvements in the field over the years. So let’s go through the biggest concerns and address them one by one:

Cosmetic Surgery Concern: Anaesthetic

For a lot of clients – particularly more mature people with memories of old-school dental treatment – going under anaesthetic is one of the main issues, so let’s clear up a few misconceptions. Nowadays, the majority of procedures are conducted under local anaesthesia: the client is placed under intravenous sedation and the area that is to be treated is numbed. This puts clients in a relaxed and comfortable state, and they hardly feel the effects of the procedure.

In certain cases, general anaesthesia – usually administered with an injection – is deployed. General anaesthetics are an extremely safe procedure, although elderly clients or those with significant medical problems are under a slightly increased risk. If anaesthetic-related concerns are putting you off, the best thing to do is to book a no-obligation consultation with us. You explain your fears, and we’ll give you the facts.

Cosmetic Surgery Concern: Pain

Whilst pain is undeniably part of any surgical experience, the vast majority of our clients report they feel far less of it than they expected. There are three reasons for that: the pain medication that the client takes before the procedure, the special care that is taken during the procedure (while the client is under anaesthetic) and the pain medication regime that is adhered to afterwards.

Cosmetic Surgery Concern: Scarring

There’s no getting round the fact that incisions – no matter where on the body they are – will leave a degree of scarring. However, the most adept and professional cosmetic surgeons have the ability to make the bare minimum of incisions and perform the best suture job possible in order to leave the least-noticeable scars possible.

In the immediate aftermath of a cosmetic procedure, any scars incurred will be red and slightly raised, but they will usually flatten out and lighten in a period of months, making them less hard to notice.

Cosmetic Surgery Concern: Complications

Cosmetic surgery is just that – a procedure which does not extend to vital organs. Consequently, complications in aesthetic surgery are extremely rare. Like all reputable and certified clinics, our staff are trained to do everything possible to avoid complications – and in the case of one occurring, they have been trained to deal with problems that may arise.

Cosmetic Surgery Concern: Looking ‘unnatural’

We’ve all seen the images of ‘plastic surgery gone wrong’ online. These are almost always down to the client going to an unprofessional clinic, the client wanting something that is completely out of proportion, or the client actually wanting to look like that. Today’s aesthetic surgery client is less interested in a radical change – the words ‘proportional’ and ‘natural’ almost always crop up during consultations. And that’s what you’ll get.

Cosmetic Surgery Concern: Excessive time off work

Everyone’s time is valuable these days, and the idea of having to take downtime for a non-essential surgical procedure can be a sticking point with certain potential clients. That’s why it’s essential that you talk to us about what you’d like to have done, and we can help you work out an appropriate time schedule that will get you back to work as early as possible. Certain procedures require no downtime at all – so maybe a non-surgical procedure can be recommended.

The first step in addressing all these concerns is to book a consultation at our London cosmetic surgery clinic, talk us through your concerns, and work together with us to find the right plan for you.