Peels remove the outer layer of skin for rejuvenation and they are particularly effective in sun damage skins where there are problems with pigmentation, skin texture and blemishes.

The TCA (trichloro-acetic acid) peels have been used in this practice for many years either alone or in combination with surgery to produce optimal rejuvenation.

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Lasers for skin rejuvenation have been used for some time and work on the same principle as chemical skin peeling by removing layers of skin. 

In the practice we use Erbium: YAG laser is a more recent addition to a surgeon's armament. Erbium laser is used because it doesn’t heat up tissues and less-likely to be associated with loss of pigment in the skin.

The healing process will take between 5-10 days, the skin will continue to "firm up" for 6 months after surgery and the final result will not be apparent until then. Laser resurfacing produces successful results.

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