Spring is the season for cosmetic surgery

If you ask the average cosmetic practitioner which time of year is the busiest, they’ll usually say the end of the year, and there are a lot of reasons for that.

A lot of our patients are in New Year Resolution mode, for a start: they’re seeking a new look, or want help in kick-starting a new diet regime.

The clothing worn in the winter season is a factor too – if you’ve had a liposuction, breast augmentation, breast reduction or tummy tuck procedure, nobody gives a second thought about the jumpers and trousers you’re wearing to cover up the resultant swelling and bruising (and the same goes for the turtle-neck sweater, hat or scarf you’re wearing to conceal the effects of a facelift).

Most importantly, the extended holiday season means that if your chosen procedure requires a period of downtime, you’re going to be off work for most of that time in any case.

You might assume, then, that the springtime period is a quiet one for clinics such as ours. Not a bit of it, actually, because there are many advantages to having procedures done between April and June. Let us take you through them…

  1. It’s the optimum time to prepare for summer: if your New Year resolution to lose weight has already fallen by the wayside, there’s still plenty of time to be bikini-ready for the holidays with a course of body sculpting – and what’s more, the weather is still raw enough to require the donning of winter garments.
  2. A convenient recovery time: the Easter holiday (and the May Bank Holidays) means that if you need a spot of recovery time after your procedure, you won’t have to give up too much holiday time.
  3. There’s still time to get on a health kick: and the best way to kick-start that is to get a little help from a cosmetic surgeon, because you’ll gain a big enough confidence boost to want to finish the job yourself, or focus on other areas.
  4. It’s safer to go outdoors: sounds a bit ominous, but one of the things you’re instructed not to do after undergoing most cosmetic procedures is expose the affected area to intense sunlight immediately afterwards – so it makes sense to go through your assigned recovery period at a time when the back garden or beach isn’t calling.

There’s also plenty of time to prepare for Summer-related issues

If the sun turned up at full volume brings on problems, now is the time to get them resolved.

  • If you suffer from acne or other facial blemishes, a course of skin peels or laser treatment can undo the damage caused by previous years of exposure to the sun.
  • If the brighter atmosphere makes your lines and wrinkles stand out even more, a course of dermal fillers would be the perfect solution.
  • And if your sweat glands go into overdrive at the peak of summer, an injection of Botox into the armpit can block the messages that encourage the sweat glands to go berserk.

So, while winter is seen as the busy period for the cosmetic surgery industry, there are plenty of good reasons to get treated right now. Get in touch with us and we’ll get you looking at your peak for summer.