What happens if I gain weight after liposuction?

There’s a general misconception about liposuction – that it’s only to be used in cases of extreme obesity, or as a vanity project for people who want to suck away twenty years of full English breakfasts without putting in the effort themselves.

This is not exactly the case. Yes, lipo can be used in extreme cases to remove vast amounts of fat when the patient is in danger, but it actually is – and always has been - a procedure designed to improve body shape.

Who is the ideal candidate for liposuction?

The ideal candidate isn’t someone who finds it hard to actually leave their house, on the verge of the myriad conditions that morbid obesity bring on: it’s someone who is at or close to their ideal body weight, has maintained that weight for some time, but has some lumps and bumps in certain areas that they want rid of.

So, after the procedure, what happens when the client gains weight after lipo? For some people, this is a common complaint, and it’s worth looking into. Simply put, there are three main factors involved, so let’s address them in turn.

  1. The nature of the procedure, and how the body reacts to it: After a liposuction procedure, the body reacts by swelling in the area where the fat has been removed. This swelling, caused by leakage of the capillaries, mainly consists of water, and naturally recedes over time. Because of the nature of the surgery, there will be a period of soreness, and clients will be advised to refrain from exercise – which will naturally lead to a build-up of fat.  
  2. The misunderstanding that liposuction is solely a weight-loss treatment: Liposuction is a procedure that’s become a victim of their own success. Even the most fitness-conscious client will still have a thought at the back of their mind that liposuction is a short-cut to a slim figure, and some will act accordingly, letting go of their healthy diet (or not starting one at all).  
  3. The attitude of the client post-treatment: Other people, on the other hand, will treat their new-found lack of fat as a licence to get the chips in all over again. This can lead to even bigger problems in the long run, as if you can afford it, you can fall back into bad habits safe in the knowledge that you can have another liposuction session whilst continuing to court the dangers of a high calorific intake. Also, bear in mind that fat is genetically predisposed to go wherever it did before, so piling on the calories and skipping on the exercise will put it right back there, undoing all the work you’ve paid for.

The simple fact is that a healthy diet teamed with an exercise regime does far more good for your body shape than any cosmetic surgeon could. What we can do is offer a little extra help to give you the body shape you want – and when we’ve done our job, the rest is up to you.